About Us – Ian Weir & Sons

Ian Weir & Son Pty. Ltd., Lic’d Auctioneers and Real Estate Agents of 74 Woodlark Street Lismore, was started on July 1st 1986 when we purchased the firm of Keith McLeay Pty. Ltd. whom Ian had worked for for 40 years.

Glenn Weir, Neil Short and Kevin Cocciola also worked for that firm for about 10 years. Dick Osborne worked for Keith McLeay Pty. Ltd. for a few years but had left and formed Gil Crawford & Co whom Ian Weir & Son Pty. Ltd. bought out on September 1st 1991.

On November 1st 2003 we bought the firm of Walker Gordon which had been going for about 75 years. Mark Noble and Jake Noble have since joined our firm, so altogether the firm has established a very solid business.