Beef Breeder Sale


Saturday 9th March from 9am


Featuring Outstanding Angus females

40 PTIC Angus Heifers
30-33 months old, bred on Milah Murrah, Brooklana and Tandara bloodlines.
Joined to Lyle Angus bulls, 12 weeks joining to commence calving mid May

12 Brangus and Sangus calved and springing heifers with good temperament

2 herd dispersals (cows mainly 2nd or 3rd calf)
20 Angus cows and 18 calves (Angus calves 2-6 months)
24 Brangus x Angus cross cows with black Limo calves
1 Black Limousin bull, 3 years

30 Brangus, Angus cross, Black Baldy cows and calves
10 Brahman cross and Charolais cross cows and calves
2 Speckle Park cows and calves
30 mixed cows, PTIC
1 Angus bull, 4 years

Unjoined Heifers
20 Angus heifers, 16 months
10 Speckle Park heifers, 18 months
12 Brangus heifers, 15 months
6 F1 heifers (Brahman x Hereford), 16 months

*** A great yarding of breeders and future breeders.  Buyers can attend this sale with confidence ***

View in pens from 8am

For further information please phone:

Glenn Weir 0427 299 104

Kevin Cocciola 0427 653 450

Mitch 0402 119 068

Luke Allen 0449 100 426

205 Lake Street, North Lismore

Glenn Weir

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